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Deutche online casinos

deutche online casinos

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Von der Technik steht folgendes dahinter: Der Live-Dealer wird von mehreren Kameras aus aufgenommen, wie er die Karten mischt und verteilt oder wie die Roulette Kugel in den Kessel geworfen wird.

Allerdings ist die Voraussetzung, um am Live Spiel teilzunehmen, ein Konto bei dem entsprechenden Anbieter zu haben. Es ist in der virtuellen Welt der Casinos nicht anders, wie in der realen Welt: Eventually these schemes will result in a massive inflation, never witnessed before.

Inflation is Legalised Theft: Inflation is nothing more than legalised theft by your government; inflation is only two percent, is what the Statistics suggest.

All published inflation data are a blatant lie, as these numbers are made up to suit the government. Showing lower inflation in statistics looks better.

The theft committed by governments is concealed. When central banks print reserves far in excess of domestic savings, the result is inevitably inflation.

The more they print, the more capital is available forinstitutions — central banks — to invest. This creates massive asset inflation, in the price of assets, as central bankers buy — bonds, stocks, and real estate — to push economies upwards all around the world.

If additional government spending was financed either by taxes or by borrowing from the public, that would not lead to more rapid monetary growth.

In this case the government would have more to spend, while the public would have less. But the fact of the matter is that the holders of the money pay for the extra spending, as the extra money raises prices when it is injected into the economy.

Moreover, inflation indirectly yields extra revenue by automatically raising effective tax revenues, as income from the people goes up to compensate for inflation, and people are consequently pushed into higher tax rate brackets.

Additionally, there is the benefit of paying off debt with less valuable currency — less purchasing power — as less valuable units are paying for original units that were more valuable.

Reduction of Monetary Growth: The cure for inflation is the reduction in the rate of monetary growth, as this is the cause of inflation.

Eventually it is a curable disease. Although the bad effects — a temporarily lower economic growth, and higher unemployment would be felt first, the good effects — a lower to zero inflation — would come later.

This would result in a healthier economy, with the potential for rapid noninflationary growth. But as usual there is the lack of a true desire to cure the addiction of free money, resulting in this disease.

In a sense people enjoy inflation. Although they would like to see the prices of goods they buy go down, or at least stop going up, they are more than happy to see the prices of the things they own or sell go up.

One reason inflation is so destructive is because while some people benefit greatly, other people suffer. Society is divided into winners and losers.

The winners regard the good things that happen to them as the natural result of their own foresight, prudence, and initiative.

They regard the bad things; the rise of prices of goods purchased, as caused by forces outside their control. Almost everyone will say they are opposed to inflation.

What they generally mean is that they are opposed to the bad things that have happened to them due to certain effects of inflation. The paper value of homes is rising.

With a mortgage, the interest rate generally is below the rate of inflation. As a result of this, inflation in effect is paying off the mortgage interest payments as well the principal.

This effect is an advantage to the home owner, as his equity in the house goes up rapidly. The flip side of the coin is that an interest rate below inflation results in a loss for savers.

As inflation accelerates, rather sooner than later, it is causing so much damage to the fabric of society, by creating so much injustice, and suffering.

Everywhere one looks it is repeatedly published that unemployment and slow growth are cures for inflation; that all alternativemeasures taken will result in more inflation or higher unemployment, which is nonsense.

The truth is that slow growth and high unemployment are not cures for inflation. They are the side-effects of a successful cure of a diseased economy.

The general signal of increasing demand will be confused with the specific signals reflecting changes in relative demands.

That is why the initial side effect of faster monetary growth is the appearance of prosperity and greater employment.

Wages and prices are higher not because of higher demand, but primarily to allow for the rises in the prices of goods they buy.

Subsequently people are off on a price-wage spiral that itself effectively is inflation, and by no means the cause of it. If monetary growth does not speed up faster, the initial stimulus to employment and output will be replaced by the opposite; both will go down in response to the higher prices and wages.

By the way; governments can actually not create jobs, they can only steal from people and give it to others. This is the verdict of experience. Nevertheless, central bankers create excessive quantities of money, as they tell us the world needs more inflation to fight deflationary forces, which basically is nonsense as the deflationary forces are the result of the increase of monetary supply.

The Best Solution to Create Inflation: Moreover, if they want to create inflation, there is no need for excessive money printing.

They can create inflation instantly byraising the price of gold, which is the easiest way to create inflation. A higher dollar price for gold is practically the definition of inflation.

The band and the use of physical gold would make the target price stick. A higher price for gold is the same as a lower value for the dollar. Nothing happens without consequences.

Inflation, in contrast to what economic leaders lead us to believe, is not equivalent to Santa Claus. All it does is shift the benefits of the economy around.

In the immortal words of President Obama: Inflation penalises wage earners, savers, and retirees to the benefit of asset owners. It benefits debtors at the expense of creditors.

One group is merely taxed for the benefit of the other. This is sold as a benefit to the country by governments.

However, wealth cannot be created by a printing press. This will cause price inflation, asset inflation, credit collapse — or a mixture of all three.

Nevertheless, our leaders pretend otherwise. If credit is expanded in excess of savings, it historically always ends in a collapse. So there should be no surprise.

When creditors begin to ask the critical question: Can these debts really be financed? Will we get our savings back? If credit has been expanded radically beyond savings, as is the case today in the developed world, the answer is always NO.

It is true that dramatic increases in the money supply eventually lead to inflation. Inflation and deflation are not purely products of how much money is in the system.

They are products of how fast this moneyis moving through the system. When banks are lending, businesses are borrowing, and consumers are spending, money changes hands quickly.

Under these conditions, the monetary velocity is high. If the economy grinds to a near halt, as is the case today, eventually money stops changing hands completely.

Inflation is not purely from an increase in the money supply. Sufficient monetary velocity is required to spur a general and persistent increase in the price of goods and services.

The end game may indeed be accelerating monetary velocity. The cumulative effect on the rise in prices and a spectacular loss of faith in the system will result in a decline in the desire for owning dollars will plummet, and that means hyperinflation.

How Much Money is in Circulation? Ever wondered how much money exists? Tbyil Ever wonder why modern medicine is not helping the populations of the western world to become healthier?

Maybe the foundation for health is wrong. Then get out the antibiotics for every case of the sniffles. The germ theory has turned out to be great for the pharmaceutical business model.

Now we have those nasty mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus, which has no real history of being problematic. So spray everything and everyone with toxic chemicals that do cause disease.

Over a billion dollars of government money has been recently set aside for Zika virus research and vaccines. Why the Germ Theory is Flawed.

The following quote is used by Dr. Young in his book Sick and Tired?: Reclaim Your Inner Terrain: Pasteur was the original scammer of the germ theory, not considered a worthy scientist by his peers.

But he had good press. Media bias and corruption are nothing new. In other words, inflammation and tissue degeneration with acidic pH levels attract pathogenic microbes or encourage existing ones into morphing as pathogenic microbes if already present and harmless or even beneficial.

The germ theory hoax is the basis of modern pharmaceutical medicine and killing good food with pasteurization and irradiation.

Not only do our highly acidic junk and processed foods with add sugars promote acidic pH levels under 7. The combination of our environmental toxic load and inadequate nutrition lead to the stagnant pools within our tissues that become the breeding grounds for existing or new pathogenic microbes to thrive.

Detoxing and seeking fresh whole foods with the proper supplements offer more disease protection from germs than all the vaccines in the world.

Vaccinations offer the following tradeoffs for thwarting germs: Death, lifelong disability, or most commonly autoimmune disease vulnerability.

Autoimmune diseases and allergies have risen with the rise in vaccination schedules. There have been studies in the USA among Amish children and in Europe among those raised on small dairy farms that demonstrate how being exposed to germs at an early age exercises the immune system and make it stronger, thus rendering natural immunization.

This is where rude, crude, over the top and hilarious George Carlin comes in: After being stonewalled by the CDC with her Freedom of Information FOI requests for detailed statistics on the Swine Flu, she and her CBS Washington Bureau news staff did an end around — they went directly to state health departments and discovered only a very few flu cases, mostly single digit numbers, tested positive for Swine Flu.

Those numbers were not nearly enough to justify claims of a level 6 pandemic, considered the most severe and dangerous international pandemic level.

This incident forced Sharyl out of mainstream news. This appears to be proof that the killer earthquake was a planned disaster "And on cue The first email sent by the State Department to head of the department Hillary Clinton was sent a full 6 hours before the actual quake hit.

Washington being 18 hours behind NZST. The second email was sent as the quake hit. Click on the image above to open a larger version in a new window "And on cue Sources for these emails are being actively and aggressively blocked worldwide.

It seems they even knew the size of the quake: There is substantial evidence that the quake was in fact much bigger than 6. From Eurozone to Dead Zone In it, Perkins describes his career convincing heads of state to adopt economic policies that impoverished their countries and undermined democratic institutions.

These policies helped to enrich tiny, local elite groups while padding the pockets of U. His job as an undertrained, overpaid economist was to generate reports that justified lucrative contracts for U.

That is, indeed, what happened to Allende, with the backing of the CIA. Perkins has just reissued his book with major updates.

The basic premise of the book remains the same, but the update shows how the economic hit man approach has evolved in the last 12 years. Among other things, U.

The combination of debt, enforced austerity, underinvestment, privatization, and the undermining of democratically elected governments is now happening here.

I interviewed Perkins at his home in the Seattle area. Things have just gotten so much worse in the last 12 years since the first Confessions was written.

Economic hit men and jackals have expanded tremendously, including the United States and Europe. And in fact, the cancer of the corporate empire has metastasized into what I would call a failed global death economy.

So how has this switched from us being the beneficiaries of this hit-man economy, perhaps in the past, to us now being more of the victims of it?

We of course in the U. Is this the same kind of dynamic about debt that leads to emergency managers who then turn over the reins of the economy to private enterprises?

The same thing that you are seeing in third-world countries? Yes, when I was an economic hit man, one of the things that we did, we raised these huge loans for these countries, but the money never actually went to the countries, it went to our own corporations to build infrastructure in those countries.

And when the countries could not pay off their debt, we insisted that they privatize their water systems, their sewage systems, their electric systems.

Flint, Michigan, is a very good example of that. This is not a U. So it seems like Americans are starting to get this. What is your sense about where the American public is in terms of readiness to do something?

As I travel around the U. If we really consider it, the market place is a democracy, if we just use it as such.

I hear time after time after time that many of them want to leave a green legacy. I agree, and those campaigns, as you know, have been going on for decades now, and sometimes they have little incremental changes around the edge.

We need investors, but beyond that, every corporation should serve a public interest, should serve the earth, should serve future generations. I want to ask you about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and other trade deals.

These terrible problems that have been created because of the greed of big corporations. I was just in Central America and what we talk about in the U.

Can you talk about the violence that people are fleeing in Central America, and how that links back to the role the U.

Three or four years ago the CIA orchestrated a coup against the democratically elected president of Honduras, President Zelaya, because he stood up to Dole and Chiquita and some other big, global, basically U.

He wanted to raise the minimum wage to a reasonable level, and he wanted some land reform that would make sure that his own people were able to make money off their own land, rather than having big international corporations do it.

And when that happens to a president, it sends a message to every other president throughout the hemisphere, and in fact throughout the world: Either cooperate and get rich in the process, and have all your friends and family get rich in the process, or go get overthrown or assassinated.

I wanted to ask about your time spent in Ecuador with indigenous people. I got very ill, and my life was saved in one night by a shaman.

I spent many years studying all this, and working with many different indigenous groups, and what I saw was the power of the mindset. So, instead of the kind of economy we have now, a death economy, if we can change the mindset we can very quickly move into a life economy.

So what are the mechanisms by which a change in consciousness actually shifts things on the ground? No longer should your goal be to maximize profits regardless of social and environmental costs.

You quote Tom Paine in your book: Well, I think Tom Paine was brilliant in that statement. He understood how that would impact people.

And he wrote that statement in December And this is new. It used to be all we had to worry about was our local community, maybe our country.

In this paper we will discuss the most common recent techniques used to support ongoing imperial wars. A common technique, practiced by the imperial publicists, is to accuse the victims of the same crimes, which had been committed against them.

The well documented, deliberate and sustained US-EU aerial bombardment of Syrian government soldiers, engaged in operations against ISIS-terrorist, resulted in the deaths and maiming of almost Syrian troops and allowed ISIS-mercenaries to overrun their camp.

The evidence that the attack was most likely a ground-based rocket attack by ISIS terrorists did not deter the propaganda mills. This technique would turn US and European attention away from the documented criminal attack by the imperial bombers and present the victimized Syrian troops and pilots as international human rights criminals.

Faced with world opprobrium for its wanton violation of an international ceasefire agreement in Syria, the imperial public spokespeople frequently resort to irrational outbursts at international meetings in order to intimidate wavering allies into silence and shut down any chance for reasonable debate resolving concrete issues among adversaries.

Instead of a reasonable debate among serious diplomats, the rant served to derail the proceedings. Empire is commonly identified with the race, gender, religion and ethnicity of its practioners.

Imperial propagandists have frequently resorted to disarming and weakening anti-imperialist movements by co-opting and corrupting black, ethnic minority and women leaders and spokespeople.

The rise of Obama to the presidency in illustrates how the imperial propagandists have used identity politics to undermine class and anti-imperialist struggles.

Over a million men and women of sub-Saharan black origin, whether Libyan citizens or contract workers for neighboring countries, were killed, dispossessed and driven into exile by US allies after the US-EU destroyed the Libyan state — in the name of humanitarian intervention.

Meanwhile, in the United States under Obama, racial inequalities between black and white workers wages, unemployment, access to housing, health and educational services have widened.

Over two million immigrant Latino workers have been expelled — breaking up hundreds of thousands of families— and accompanied by a marked increase of repression compared to earlier administrations.

This blatant, cynical manipulation of identity politics facilitated the continuation and deepening of imperial wars, class exploitation and racial exclusion.

Symbolic representation undermined class struggles for genuine changes. Globalists are pitting blacks against whites in America to incite a bloody race war The victims and crimes of the past are presented as a perpetual presence to justify ongoing brutalities against contemporary subject people.

The case of US-Israeli colonization of Palestine clearly illustrates how rabid criminality, pillage, ethnic cleansing and self-enrichment can be justified and glorified through the language of past victimization.

Millions of Muslim and Christian Palestinians have been driven into perpetual exile. Elite, wealthy, well-organized and influential zionist Jews, with primary fealty to Israel, have successfully sabotaged every contemporary struggle for peace in the Middle East and have created real barriers for social democracy in the US through their promotion of militarism and empire building.

Those claiming to represent victims of the past have become among the most oppressive of contemporary elites. Their key role in imperial propaganda warfare is based on their claims of an exclusive franchise on suffering and immunity from the norms of justice.

Entertainment Spectacles on Military Platforms. Entertainment spectacles glorify militarism. Imperial propagandists link the public to unpopular wars promoted by otherwise discredited leaders.

Much admired, multi-millionaire musicians and entertainers of all races and orientations, present war to the masses with a humanitarian facade.

The old style of blatant bellicose appeals to the public is obsolete: Do the Imperial Techniques of Propaganda Work? How effective are the modern imperial propaganda techniques?

The results seem to be mixed. In recent months, elite black athletes have begun protesting white racism by challenging the requirement for choreographed displays of flag worship.

Identity politics, which led to the election of Obama, may be giving way to issues of class struggle, racial justice, anti-militarism and the impact of continued imperial wars.

Brandishing identify politics may have worked the first few times, but inevitably black, Latino, immigrant and all exploited workers, all underpaid and overworked women and mothers reject the empty symbolic gestures and demand substantive socio-economic changes — and here they find common links with the majority of exploited white workers.

In other words, the existing propaganda techniques are losing their edge — the corporate media news is seen as a sham.

Who follows the actor-soldiers and flag-worshipers once the game has begun? The propagandists of empire are desperate for a new line to grab public attention and obedience.

Could the recent domestic terror bombings in New York and New Jersey provoke mass hysteria and more militarization? Could they serve as cover for more wars abroad.

A recent survey, published in Military Times, reported that the vast majority of active US soldiers oppose more imperial wars. They are calling for defense at home and social justice.

Soldiers and veterans have even formed groups to support the protesting black athletes who have refused to participate in flag worship while unarmed black men are being killed by police in the streets.

Despite the multi-billion dollar electoral propaganda, over sixty percent of the electorate reject both major party candidates.

The reality principle has finally started to undermine State propaganda. In a stunning new documentary released just today, I reveal how politically correct speech control thought control gave rise to Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich.

The film reveals how the phenomenon of progressive fanaticism -- safe spaces, social justice warriors, microaggressions, generation snowflake crybullies -- mirrors the Brownshirts of Nazi Germany and escalates demands for obedience into physical violence against innocents.

The aggressive, violent behavior of "progressive fanatics" is now mirroring the rise of the Third Reich that eventually led to genocide and the mass murder of millions.

It was actually an extreme rendition of corporate-government fascism, a powerful centralized socialist government, and the kind of strict demands for cultural obedience that we frequency see from the extreme left.

Some of the big issues that characterized the Nazi government were gun control, forced euthanasia, an expansion of entitlement handouts and the invocation of "science" as the justification behind genocide.

We see all these same theme today from the political left. California SB , for example, a genocidal medical experiment conducted on children by the state government, was pushed by a radical leftist child killer named Sen.

Richard Pan who would have been right at home in the Third Reich. With students in the United States now being vilified for saying that "all lives matter," we have entered a realm of extreme leftist lunacy that cannot be ended with reason or any appeal to logic.

The violent rhetoric and destructive actions of the political left have now gone beyond the point of no return, leading America to the exact outcome desired by globalist instigators like George Soros: Soros and other seek to tear America apart from within.

Seething with hatred for humanity, destructive people of high influence -- like Adolf Hitler, George Soros and Barack Obama - use their positions to enslave people rather than setting them free.

They create conflict rather than preventing it America has now entered a very dangerous chapter of its history, and conformity to P. Now is the time for all Americans to reject P.

At this critical moment in history, we must defend speech freedom or lose it forever , because the Nazi-like P. Eventually, the USA, Russia and other allies had to use kinetic weapons to destroy the Nazi regime and end its "politically correct" genocide against humanity.

Strikemag Ever had the feeling that your job might be made up? In technological terms, we are quite capable of this. Instead, technology has been marshaled, if anything, to figure out ways to make us all work more.

In order to achieve this, jobs have had to be created that are, effectively, pointless. Huge swathes of people, in Europe and North America in particular, spend their entire working lives performing tasks they secretly believe do not really need to be performed.

The moral and spiritual damage that comes from this situation is profound. It is a scar across our collective soul. Yet virtually no one talks about it.

So what are these new jobs, precisely? A recent report comparing employment in the US between and gives us a clear picture and I note, one pretty much exactly echoed in the UK.

Over the course of the last century, the number of workers employed as domestic servants, in industry, and in the farm sector has collapsed dramatically.

And these numbers do not even reflect on all those people whose job is to provide administrative, technical, or security support for these industries, or for that matter the whole host of ancillary industries dog-washers, all-night pizza deliverymen that only exist because everyone else is spending so much of their time working in all the other ones.

And here, precisely, lies the mystery. Sure, in the old inefficient socialist states like the Soviet Union, where employment was considered both a right and a sacred duty, the system made up as many jobs as they had to this is why in Soviet department stores it took three clerks to sell a piece of meat.

But, of course, this is the very sort of problem market competition is supposed to fix. Still, somehow, it happens. While corporations may engage in ruthless downsizing, the layoffs and speed-ups invariably fall on that class of people who are actually making, moving, fixing and maintaining things; through some strange alchemy no one can quite explain, the number of salaried paper-pushers ultimately seems to expand, and more and more employees find themselves, not unlike Soviet workers actually, working 40 or even 50 hour weeks on paper, but effectively working 15 hours just as Keynes predicted, since the rest of their time is spent organising or attending motivational seminars, updating their facebook profiles or downloading TV box-sets.

And, on the other hand, the feeling that work is a moral value in itself, and that anyone not willing to submit themselves to some kind of intense work discipline for most of their waking hours deserves nothing, is extraordinarily convenient for them.

Once, when contemplating the apparently endless growth of administrative responsibilities in British academic departments, I came up with one possible vision of hell.

Say they were hired because they were excellent cabinet-makers, and then discover they are expected to spend a great deal of their time frying fish.

I think this is actually a pretty accurate description of the moral dynamics of our own economy. Now, I realise any such argument is going to run into immediate objections:.

And indeed a lot of tabloid readers would take the existence of my job as the very definition of wasteful social expenditure.

And on one level, this is obviously true. There can be no objective measure of social value. I would not presume to tell someone who is convinced they are making a meaningful contribution to the world that, really, they are not.

But what about those people who are themselves convinced their jobs are meaningless? I was amazed to discover that in the interim, he had become first a poet, then the front man in an indie rock band.

He was obviously brilliant, innovative, and his work had unquestionably brightened and improved the lives of people all over the world. He was the first to admit that his job was utterly meaningless, contributed nothing to the world, and, in his own estimation, should not really exist.

But even more, it shows that most people in these jobs are ultimately aware of it. The same goes for almost all the new industries outlined above.

There is a whole class of salaried professionals that, should you meet them at parties and admit that you do something that might be considered interesting an anthropologist, for example , will want to avoid even discussing their line of work entirely.

Give them a few drinks, and they will launch into tirades about how pointless and stupid their job really is. This is a profound psychological violence here.

How can it not create a sense of deep rage and resentment. Yet it is the peculiar genius of our society that its rulers have figured out a way, as in the case of the fish-fryers, to ensure that rage is directed precisely against those who actually do get to do meaningful work.

Again, an objective measure is hard to find, but one easy way to get a sense is to ask: A world without teachers or dock-workers would soon be in trouble, and even one without science fiction writers or ska musicians would clearly be a lesser place.

Many suspect it might markedly improve. Yet apart from a handful of well-touted exceptions doctors , the rule holds surprisingly well.

Even more perverse, there seems to be a broad sense that this is the way things should be. This is one of the secret strengths of right-wing populism.

You can see it when tabloids whip up resentment against tube workers for paralysing London during contract disputes: You get to have real jobs!

And on top of that you have the nerve to also expect middle-class pensions and health care? Real, productive workers are relentlessly squeezed and exploited.

The remainder are divided between a terrorised stratum of the — universally reviled — unemployed and a larger stratum who are basically paid to do nothing, in positions designed to make them identify with the perspectives and sensibilities of the ruling class managers, administrators, etc — and particularly its financial avatars — but, at the same time, foster a simmering resentment against anyone whose work has clear and undeniable social value.

Clearly, the system was never consciously designed [actually you were right up until this statement]. It emerged from almost a century of trial and error.

But it is the only explanation for why, despite our technological capacities, we are not all working hour days. His most recent book, The Democracy Project: Geopolitics The gradual Global Reset continues with the official inclusion of the Chinese Yuan RMB as prime alternative to the US dollar as global currency of exchange which should provide a smooth transition away from fiat dollar.

While this SDR inclusion was preannounced months ago, still the multiple investigations of fraudulent bank services, and the ongoing fall of the Big Banks suggest that the ongoing Global Reset will continue no matter the geopolitical noise, which are all part of the hybrid World War 3 being fought against the outgoing Nazionist Word Order.

They have a problem, a very big one, and they want to pass it on to the Western taxpayers, one more time. In short, fears that Europe lacks the cohesion to avoid a financial crisis may be enhancing the threat of one.

The immediate source of alarm is the health of Deutsche Bank , whose vast and sprawling operations, are entangled with the fates of investment houses from Tokyo to London to New York.

It heightens the sense that Deutsche - whose shares have lost more than half their value this year - needs to secure additional investment, lest it leave itself vulnerable to some new crisis.

Who will provide the additional investment if not the German people who will be forced to swallow a slew of legislated austerity measures later on?

But the bigger problem for the Banking Canal is: Deutsche bank is just one domino in the entire fraudulent fractional banking system that is visibly in turmoil, and it is expected to bring down the entire fiat financial system with it.

Its dividend has been suspended for two years, and Cryan expects to close dozens of overseas sites. It sold Abbey Life, its old portfolio of British life insurance products, for euros 1billion on Wednesday.

A Rumours surfaced over the summer of a possible merger between Deutsche and Commerzbank, its biggest competitor, and more recently the idea of another multi-billion-euro rights issue has been floated.

Again, these reports have been played down by the bank. Analysts at Autonomous have also suggested that the bank could save euros 2. However, the possible merger between Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank can only go as far as the next collapse….

Commerzbank to cut 9, jobs and suspend dividend. The reorganization will result in more central management and may generate billions of euros in savings, the paper said.

Raymond Vermeulen, a spokesman for the Amsterdam-based bank, declined to comment on the report. The bank employs about 52, people, according to its website.

The median return for foundations and endowments tracked by the Wilshire Trust Universe Comparison Service was negative 0. With the Federal Reserve deciding to hold interest rates steady at its meeting Wednesday, the funds will continue to be squeezed by rock-bottom payouts on fixed-income securities just as stocks fall overseas and post only modest U.

As a result, pensions in Illinois, Missouri and Hawaii this year have moved to roll back the assumed rate of return on their investments, joining the dozens that have taken that step over the past two years.

Pension Funds as Investment Returns Lag. He picked up the phone and called Jonathan Delshad , who would soon become his lawyer.

Polonsky used to work for Wells Fargo, but according to his lawsuit , he was demoted and later terminated for not meeting his sales quotas. The bank has recently come under scrutiny for such quotas after it was revealed that for years, thousands of its employees had been opening unauthorized accounts in order to meet them.

At the same time, employees like Polonsky were fired for not meeting their quotas. They have already invested their loot in China, India and even in Russia.

They have profited from every systemic shift which have happened before. But unlike before, they will now have a two-pronged approach which assures their continued occupation of the Halls of Power in the West.

This march towards Technocratic Dictatorship will continue unless the people in the US and Europe will take a decisive action against the PuppetMasters right in their own countries.

European banks cutting 20, staff as they get hammered. If trade economists at the United Nations are right, the next traumatic episode may entail the greatest debt jubilee in history.

It may also prove to be the definitive crisis of globalized capitalism, the demise of the liberal free-market orthodoxies promoted for almost forty years by the Bretton Woods institutions, the OECD, and the Davos fraternity.

We know already that the poisonous side-effect of zero rates and quantitative easing in the US, Europe, and Japan was to flood developing nations with cheap credit, upsetting their internal chemistry and drawing them into a snare.

What is less understood is just how destructive this has been. Worse yet, these countries have imported the deformities of western finance before they are ready to cope with the consequences.

Many of them have fallen further behind the rich world than they were in despite opening up their economies and following the global policy script diligently.

The middle income trap closed in on Latin America and the non-oil states of the Middle East a long time ago, but now it is beginning to close in such countries as Malaysia and Thailand, and in some respects China.

If policymakers fail to mitigate the negative impacts of unchecked global market forces, then a turn to protectionism could trigger a vicious downward spiral for everyone.

If this does not happen, it is sauve qui peut. At the same time, and in addition to simplifying the whole corrosive system, what these economic gurus are trying to project is that economics and finance are so complicated, but the solution still lies within that same grossly defective monetary system of controlling resources.

There can never be anything better than this debt slavery quicksand in spite of the existence of exotic technologies that would render the whole economic system obsolete.

It must be known to all, that the progressive BRICS are not suppressing these same exotic technologies but are gradually raising global awareness to the fact, as some Russian scientists have already announced the discovery of an industrial method to produce any element, known and unknown, which runs counter to the economics of scarcity, at the press of a button.

China, for its part, is already manufacturing and selling HHO kits to increase the fuel efficiency of existing internal combustion engines, or eliminate the use of fossil fuels altogether.

This enriched air can now be mixed with less fuel in order to achieve the same explosive inside the engine. This is basically how HHO kits save fuel.

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Häufig werden Sie diese bereits an einer nicht erteilten Lizenz erkennen. Wenn Sie sich unsicher sind, wie ein bestimmtes Spiel funktioniert oder wenn Sie Probleme mit der Auszahlung Ihrer Gewinne haben, sollten Sie sicher sein können, dass Ihnen das Online Casino, in dem Sie spielen, eine gute Beratung und Unterstützung bietet. So zum Beispiel bei dem Casinoanbieter Leo Vegas. Deutsche Online Casinos sind das ideale Angebot für Spieler, die sich gerne auf deutsch beraten lassen und es schätzen, wenn sie bei verlässlichen Spielautomaten um echtes Geld spielen können. Weitere Faktoren, die für die Seriosität sprechen, sind renommierte Siegel oder Awards sowie eine möglichst mehrjährige Erfahrung am Markt. Durch die Videoübertragung können Sie den genauen Spielablauf verfolgen, wobei die Ergebnisse auch digital übertragen werden. Bisher hat noch kein anderes Bundesland in Deutschland diesen Schritt gewagt.

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